C-Chan (cchan8) wrote in howard_jones,

More news from HoJo Info Service

For those of us in the United States...finally...

It has now been confirmed by the distribution company that the long awaited NTSC release of Howard's 20th Anniversary Concert DVD will take place in March 2006.

[The concert was recorded in 2003...the DVD has already been released in the UK but copyright issues prevented it from being released in the USA this year. Thanks to the regional DVD formats, I have not been able to import a copy. Harumph.]

Howard is currently back in the studio working on the next album, which is expected to be a less electronic album compared to the current release of Revolution Of The Heart. Howard has written around 9 songs for the album, some of which have already been performed live during his acoustic shows. The expected release is for 2006.

[This makes me very excited because it means that we'll be hearing new material on his upcoming acoustic tour!!]
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