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Essential HoJo

Hello! I'm excited about seeing Howard Jones again next month in Annapolis. (other tour date info at his website...) So I listened to his songs on a long plane flight. And I got started thinking, some of his best known songs are not necessarily my favorites. There aren't any songs I don't like, but there are ones I like more than others.

So I pose this question to you who are in this community: what are your ten "most essential" HoJo songs? Like, if you went to a desert island and were only allowed to bring ten songs of his with you? Here's mine, in order:

1. What Is Love - my alltime favorite
2. Things Can Only Get Better - extended version, still the song that cheers me up when I'm feeling down
3. Everlasting Love - sweet and romantic
4. Hide and Seek - every time I listen to this song, I get more depth to its spirituality
5. Life in One Day - wish I had the acapella version
6. Revolution of the Heart - great electronica and powerful message
7. Tomorrow Is Now - good pop song and I always need this message to remind me to let go of the past
8. Someone You Need - duet with Duncan Sheik; I'm using this for my wedding in October!
9. Why Look for the Key - confidence building
10. Over and Above - from "Working In The Backroom" but I consider this style very similar to "In The Running."

An honorable mention from the B-sides collection: It Just Doesn't Matter. Silly yes, but a good reminder not to take things too seriously! I actually have the 45 and remember listening to this song all the time.

Has everyone else heard the MP3 for "Building Our Own Future" by the way? Pretty catchy for a peace song.
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