C-Chan (cchan8) wrote in howard_jones,

Howard Jones participates in Elton John fundraiser

Elton John Misses His Own Tribute



He also didn’t get to see Howard Jones, the '80s balladeer whose own hit was “No One Is to Blame.” Jones started playing “Tiny Dancer” on an electronic keyboard. But when a cable kept causing static, he stopped, retreated to the grand piano on stage right, and played the song the old-fashioned way. It was beautiful, and he got a standing ovation, too.

I’d like to see some of today’s pop performers react with such aplomb. Of course, they’d have to know how to play a real instrument!

While I'm posting here anyway, if you're interested in seeing "Someone You Need" as a waltz,
here's a 2-minute clip from my wedding though it takes a minute to download because it's 15MB. (Also you may need Quicktime to see it.) All my dancing friends joined in halfway through, it was beautiful.
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