C-Chan (cchan8) wrote in howard_jones,

Anyone heard the new HoJo album?

Well, I have to lose some of my HoJo fan cred. I haven't yet bought Ordinary Heroes and it's been out for what, a month now? I decided to keep myself in suspense a while longer and put it on my Christmas list!

Anyone here had a listen yet? What do you think? I really loved Revolution of the Heart so I'm worried how he can follow that up with something just as amazing.

Another question...

If you have heard some of Howard's material from the past 10 years, the stuff that didn't get airplay on pop radio, have you ever wondered why a really good or catchy song never got wider distribution, or wish that it had?

My two favorites of this type are

"Tomorrow Is Now" (from the People album) - ironically this is about how holding on to the past prevents us from living in the moment; and

"Someone You Need" a duet with Duncan Sheik, who recently gained notoriety for the broadway musical "Spring Awakening" - this song is so romantic and beautiful. Duncan apparently did a live performance with Howard at his 25th anniversary concert and I'm looking forward to watching it on DVD.

How about you?
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